Vrgada is an island about 5 km from the Croatian Adriatic coast. It covers an area of ​​4 square kilometers and has barely a population of 300. Vrgada is one of the few car-free islands in Croatia. Its only settlement, also called Vrgada, is surrounded by a pine forest. Administratively, it belongs to the county of Zadar.
Outside the town of Vrgada, we can hardly find any buildings on the island, it is difficult to reach significant parts of the countryside. The island has beautiful, well-kept beaches.
The locals live mainly on fishing, agriculture and tourism. In Vrgada, grapes and olives are mostly grown.
The highest mountain on the island is the 112 meter high Srabljinovac, which is easy to roam. Two hill ranges run parallel to each other, giving the island of Vrgada a wild look.
The island can be reached by boat from the mainland port of Pakostane. The southwestern neighbor of the island is Pasman, which is much larger than him, but to which there are no regular ferry services.
The island of Vrgada was probably already inhabited in antiquity, but it is certain that it is mentioned in the documents of Constantine VII in the 10th century. At that time, the island was called Loumbrikaton.

Holidays on the island of Vrgada

You can have a really relaxing holiday on the Croatian island of Vrgada. Healthy sea air has remained clean to this day as no vehicles are allowed into Vrgada. As the island is less than 3 kilometers long and barely wider than 1 kilometer, you can easily reach any point of the island on foot. The island of Vrgada can be reached by ferry from the mainland Paskotane, the cruise is approximately 5 km long.
In Vrgada, the bays await bathers with beautiful and well-kept beaches. We can take a pleasant walk through the pine forest, hiking on the mountain range that surrounds the island reveals a wonderful sight. The highest hill on the island is 115 meters high and easily accessible. During your walks, it is worth observing the rich flora of the island. In addition to locally grown chard, rare beans, and grapes, the island of Vrgada is also famous for its wild herbs.