Sibenik has magnificent monuments, the most famous of which is its World Heritage Cathedral. You can take very good walks in the peaceful, cozy old town. This city is located closest to the enchanting Krka National Park, in addition, Kornati National Park, and several beautiful Dalmatian cities are within easy reach.

Sibenik is located at the confluence of the Krka River with the Adriatic Sea. Unlike other Dalmatian cities founded by Illyrians, Greeks, or Romans, Sibenik, with 3,000 inhabitants and Croatia’s 3rd largest port city, was founded by Croatian tribes, but it is not known exactly when. In any case, it is already mentioned in 1066. Excavations proved that it was inhabited long before the arrival of the Croats. The history of Sibenik is similar to other Croatian cities in that it also belonged to the Hungarians, Venice, and the Monarchy. It was an industrial city in Tito’s time, but nothing can be seen of it today.

Many monuments, including one of the most significant monuments in Croatia, the cathedral on the UNESCO World Heritage List, or several fortresses, can be traced to the stages of medieval urban development. The small old town on the hill and the central part of Sibenik by the river are also very cozy. We can also enjoy the wonderful natural environment of Sibenik – there are many small islands on the sea and the beautiful Krka National Park on the mainland, and the Kornati National Park is also not far away. So in Sibenik, it is guaranteed that the passengers there will not be bored even for a minute.