The main attraction of the national park is the large waterfall (skradisniki buk). Boat trips to the Skardisnik buk leave from the Skardin entrance (included in the ticket price), and from here you can explore the national park on foot along the promenade. Be careful not to miss the last boat backwards, as it would be a long walk to the Skradin entrance (but only 875 meters to the Lozovac entrance).
In the 400 m long, 100 m wide area there are not one but 17 waterfalls, the level difference between the first and the last waterfall is 47 m. The height of the largest waterfall is 37 m.

Krka National Park, large waterfall

The second most popular attraction in the Krka National Park is the 25 m high Roski Slap Waterfall in the vicinity of Miljevci, where there is also a restaurant. It can be reached by road and by boat from the big waterfall. The price of the excursion boat to Roski Slap (not included in the ticket): 100 Kuna from June to September, 50 Kuna from April to May, 30 Kuna from January to March and November to December. 7-18-year-olds, according to the above dates, 50, 40, and 20 Kuna respectively.

Krka National Park

Krka National Park is a popular and very spectacular nature reserve in Croatia (many only know it as Krka Waterfall). It occurs primarily when we are vacationing in the Sibenik or Trogir region. There is a lot of advertising in these cities, we see lots and lots of posters about it. The Krka National Park is roughly the same as the Szalajka Valley in Hungary, only much larger. If you visit the area, it is definitely worth visiting this amazing waterfall.
Krka National Park (officially: Nacionalni park Krka, in English: Krka Waterfall) is one of the key tourist attractions in the Sibenik region. Thousands of Hungarian tourists come here every year. This is a destination in Croatia that we can easily discover for ourselves.

The river Krka

Krka is the largest river in Central Dalmatia. It originates at the foot of the Dinarids near Knin and reaches the sea through narrow rock walls, waterfalls and lakes. The most beautiful section of the Krka River is the section starting from Skradin, which is also part of the Krka National Park. Covering an area of ​​109 km2, Krka National Park was designated a national park in 1985.

Access, parking

The entrance to the Krka National Park is located in Lozovac (GPS: 43.795742, 15.967909). Here we find a huge parking lot where, we can stop safely. From here you can take a short forest walk to the sights of the park. You can also choose from boat trips to the Krka National Park. Acquired tours depart from Sibenik and Skadrin, respectively. If you arrive on a boat trip, the boat will take you directly to the Great Falls, if we go on foot, we have to walk a bit.